C PORT 3600 Wifi & CPORT 1200

Multi-point measurement of air velocity, temperature, and humidity are crucial steps in product design and development phases. When testing conditions require numerous, simultaneous measurement locations, the single-point measurement approach is expensive, time-consuming and often yields inaccurate results. Airflow testing has never been so easy

  • Full USB Support
  • Aggregate Your Sensor Data
  • Multi-Channel Data Acquisition


Multi Point Sensor GRID

While the market provides an array of tedious, single-point measurement solutions such as handheld anemometers, the °C Grid is a comprehensive, multi-scalar solution versatile enough for any application where airflow and thermal conditions must be measured, mapped or managed. With our °C Grid Sensor Array, airflow, ambient temperatures, and humidity can be measured and recorded at multiple points in real-time.

  • °C Grid System
  • Various Applications
  • Fully Customization