Air Velocity Sensors:

The embedded air velocity sensing platform by degree C sets a new standard in versatile design by empowering users with a range of configuration options for diverse applications. degree C sensor designs draw on decades of airflow engineering expertise and market leadership to provide the best-in-class air velocity sensing capability in a multitude of packages including corrosion-resistant probes, remote head transducers, and board mount sensors. In addition to air velocity, humidity and air temperature measuring capabilities, the embedded platform also includes bi-directional or directional airflow sensing options.

  1. Digital only Probe Style – Ref DS F200
  2. Analog/Digital Probe Style– Ref DS F300, F400, F500
  3. Remote Head– Ref DS F350, F450, F550
  4. Air Flow with Humidity – Ref DS FH400
  5. Bi- Directional– Ref DS B300 , B500

Air Flow Switches:

The S-Series is a specialized platform of air velocity and temperature switches optimized for demanding applications including laboratory, HVAC, high-performance electronics, and more. With both relay and open drain outputs available and configurable alarm behaviors, the S-Series is the most customizable, high-performance airflow switch platform on the market.

  1. Air Velocity and Temperature– Ref DS S300 , S400, S500

Board Mount Sensors:

To measure and monitor airflow within dense electronic systems & enclosures, we have designed an array of in-situ air velocity sensors that can be directly soldered or socketed to your PCBA. These sensors can manage air flow intake and exhaust disruptions, clogged filters, slot-to-slot imbalances, and provide monitoring of critical fans or components.

  1. Horizontal Profile – Ref F660
  2. Vertical Profile- Ref F661
  3. Reference Design- Ref RFS 300


For decades, product designers, engineers, and certifiers have relied on the unmatched multi-point sensing and data acquisition capabilities of degree C’s instrumentation platform. Using compact, miniature sensors with a convenient USB output, researchers can measure, log, and analyze air velocity, temperature and humidity data with high repeatability confidence. To maximize the efficiency of data collection, Degree C instruments and sensors are designed to work together in a unified ecosystem, powered by a proprietary data acquisition software.

  1. USB – Air Velocity – Ref DS UAS1000
  2. USB – Humidity – Ref DS UHS1000
  3. USB – Surface Temperature- Ref DS UTS1000
  4. Data Acquisition Instruments – Ref Ds C Port 1200 C Port 3600
  5. Multi – Point Pole Array- Ref DS C SPAR
  6. Multi – Point Grid Array- Ref DS C GRID
  7. Volumetric Flow measurement- Ref DS C GRATE
  8. Accutrac Software -Ref DS Accutrac

Rooster Alarm & Monitors:

The Rooster™ Airflow Alarm & Monitor platform harnesses the airflow engineering expertise of degree C to provide users with a reliable, high-accuracy, hassle-free safety compliance (NSF/ANSI-49 & OSHA) solution for laboratories, clean rooms, and critical ventilation systems. With the latest generation of the Rooster™ product family, users can fully configure their airflow safety and monitoring experience to meet the specific needs of their facilities.

  1. Rooster Alarm – Ref DS Rooster Alarm
  2. Rooster Monitor 1000 – Ref DS Rooster Monitor
  3. Rooster Sensor 1000 – Ref DS Rooster Sensor

Air Flow Visualization:

The Airflow Visualization platform builds on decades of degree C airflow engineering and measurement expertise in rendering visible the flow paths and ambient patterns of air. With the degree C portfolio of sanitary, FDA-GRAS fog generators and accessories, certifiers, engineers, and HVAC technicians can detect leaks, test HEPA filters, and monitor turbulence in ventilation systems with greater safety and precision than toxic alternatives such as smoke sticks.

  1. C Breeze – Fog generator – Ref DS C Breeze
  2. Flow Marker – Fog Generator – Ref DS Flow marker
  3. Accessories and Parts