1. SIEMENS Corporation is a world leader in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Tools business.They enable companies to develop better electronic products faster and more cost-effectively. Our innovative products and solutions help engineers computer design challenges in the increasingly complex worlds of board and chips design.

Mentor Graphics, founded in 1981, is a publicly held Company (NASDAQ Listed) having Headquarters at Wilsonville, U S A. Mentor Graphics has over 70 offices worldwide, approximately 4600 employees and turnover of about 1015 Million US Dollars last year. www.mentor.com

Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis division has mainly 3 Product portfolio

  1. Flomerics Products
  2. Flowmaster Products


2)Degree C main business is providing intelligent cooling solutions for the heat generated by the densely packed electronics used in telecom, computer and medical applications. Degree C uses sophisticated thermal analysis and computer simulation to design and manufacture proprietary fan trays and intelligent controllers critical to chassis thermal management and system reliability. Degree C does design validation and reliability testing in house along with compliance testing to all relevant standards, including UL/CSA, NEBS and the CE requirements. Much of the expertise to thermal applications involves air flow-sensing, measuring, simulating and ultimately managing it. Degree C also provides a range of products and services for non-thermal applications where precise airflow is critical. Degree C Cambridge AccuSense  line of multi-channel air velocity measurement instruments is the first choice of R&D labs worldwide and the sensors are used in biosafety cabinets, animal cages, clean rooms and a variety of other applications.


3) NUMECA is recognized today as the most innovative company in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and multiphysics design, analysis and optimization. Driven by creativity, innovation & quality, we proudly turn our passion into software toolsets that support the world’s leading industries.

Based on the most advanced technology, we are largely recognized for our application-driven features and interface, optimal solutions including high quality automatic full hex meshing, accurate and fast CFD solvers, multi-physics and acoustics, robust design and optimization with uncertainty quantification. At NUMECA, we provide innovative technology and models in response to specific industrial requirements. Customer satisfaction is our main objective, and we continuously improve our software and services to turn your product design into a real success for your organization.

With creative teams all over the world, we deliver the best in software, R&D, support and services.