Simcenter T3STER (pronounced “Tris-ter”) is an advanced non-destructive transient thermal tester for thermal characterization of packaged semiconductor devices (diodes, BJTs, power MOSFETs, IGBTs, power LEDs) and multi-die devices, capable of testing components in situ. A proprietary system consisting of software and hardware, our solution supports the semiconductor, transportation, consumer electronics and LED markets.

Measuring the true thermal transient response is far more efficient than steady-state methods. Measurements are to ±0.01° C with up to 1-microsecond time resolution, producing accurate thermal metrics. Structure functions post-process the response into a plot that shows the thermal resistance and capacitance of package features along the heat flow path. Failures in the structure, such as faults in the die-attach failures are easily understood, making this an ideal pre- and post-stress failure detection tool in reliability analysis. Measurements can be exported for thermal model calibration, underpinning the accuracy of the thermal design effort.