Simcenter POWERTESTER active power cycling hardware provides an industry-unique capability of combining active power cycling with transient thermal characterization and thermal structure investigation. The unique, non-destructive structure-function assessment is performed while the device remains mounted, providing a full electrical and structural assessment of the device throughout the testing program in a fully automated way.

Modules can be powered through tens of thousands, potentially millions, of cycles while simultaneously providing real-time failure-in-progress diagnosis significantly reducing testing and diagnosis time and eliminating the need for a post-mortem or destructive failure analysis. A wide range of powering strategies simulate realistic operating field conditions.

A range of configurations are available capable of supplying up to 3600A, and measuring up to 16 devices simultaneously. Solutions include integral cold plates, or alternatively support external cooling solutions suitable for direct liquid-cooled modules used in automotive electric powertrain. Integral safety features support the use in manufacturing environments.